Why is she so distant all the sudden?

So I asked this girl who I've known for a couple of years to Prom, and she said yes. We went on about 4 dates over the next 3 weeks, even went to the lake with some friends the day before Prom. At Prom, she danced REALLY close to me, and at an after party we held hands and cuddled. we held hands on the drive to her house, and when I dropped her off, she kissed me before I could kiss her. Now, it's a week later and she has become deistant and like she isn't interested. I ask her what's wrong, that she can talk to me about anything, and she says "I'm having a rough day.", but this has been for 4 of the past 5 days. Did I do something wrong?
She kissed me, so why is she pulling away from me?
What can I do to make her happier?
Should I wait a few days? A week?
Give her space?


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  • OMG!!!
    I know EXACTLY how you feel!! I'm not even kidding.. this happened to me just last month!
    I met this really cute guy and we went out probably 4 times.. everything was fine!!
    we hadn't kissed yet but he kept messaging me saying that he was going to next time he sees me...
    about a week later I message him a "hey"
    he replied but it was pretty cold..
    it's been about 4 months now and I haven't heard from him!
    I haven't had the courage to ask why the fuck he did that to me.. he's actually such a jerk... and I always see random chicks writing in his Facebook.

    I reckon he either has problems or met someone else (who was giving him more, if you know what I mean)

    ahhhh I know exactly how you feel it's the WORST thing in the world :(


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  • she is probably shy and scared about relationships! Make her feel cormftable and brave about that stuff

  • She probabaly met someone else or she just lost interest. These things happen


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