So I met this girl at a party...(Girls help please!)

Okay, so I met this girl about a week ago at one of my fraternities' parties. She sent me some signals hinting that she was interested in me.. She said I looked like David Archuleta and that he was attractive. When I passed her and said hi, she would smile and try to start talking to me. We also sat in the same chair later that night and shared a couple cigs. She started talking about how she has been hurt in the past and doesn't want to be taken advantage of by guys anymore so she is looking for the right guy basically.. So I took this as she is looking for something more than just a fling and I am also looking for something more serious also so that is fine with me.

Now here comes in the question. She said she would be back 2 days later for another party at my frat, and she of course showed up again. We were hanging out having a nice time and she is very attractive so tons of guys were hitting on her constantly that night. So she finally comes and sits with me in a chair and tells all the guys who hit on her that I'm her boyfriend and then when they leave she says that she likes having me as her bodyguard. So we're sitting there talking and she is sending all these positive signals and flirting with me the whole time. The only thing is every time there was close to an opportunity for a kiss she would pull back and just keep the convo going. She regularly comes to parties at my frat house so I know I will see her again so I'm wondering what is going on in this situation. Is she holding back on purpose to see if I am just looking for a fling? Is she waiting for me to ask her out somewhere besides my frat house? Any girls have any tips/advice as to how I should handle this? Thanks much!


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  • It sounds like you have a real chance with this girl. Ask her out to a place where you two can have a real conversation and let her try to kiss you if she wants, don't push her. Tell he how much you like her and let her know how you want a real relationship, not just something meaningless. Don't worry about sounding needy and uncool, because it sounds exactly like what she wants.

    • Thank you! I think I'll take your advice, it seems to be my best bet. :)

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  • I would suggest you make a move. If you don't you are going to be friend zoned. She obviously likes you, but she isn't sure where you are at. If you continue to be nice to her but don't ask her out then she is going to think of you just as that ,a good friend that she can run to at parties for protection. You don't need lots of money to impress a girl. You can even take her to the park or just hang out and watch a DVD. Money should not be a reason to stop you from dating the girl you like. Best of luck to you.

    • How long do you think I have before there won't be a chance? I've only been talking to her for 2 parties so far. How long do girls like a guy before they finally just give up?

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  • Alright she is obviously playing a little hard to get. If you really are interested in her you should ask her out to somewhere besides your frat house. No girl wants to say they first kissed drunk in his frat house. Get her number and call her up and ask her out.

    • Yea I figured that was what's up... The only thing about it is that I'm kind of tight on money right now and I don't know if I can afford a relationship right now even though I know I really like this girl. Any advice on how to handle this? Thanks

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