Is there a way to get your love interest who works a lot to text/call you more often without seeming clingy?

I miss talking to my guy. We used to text or talk on Skype almost nightly, even after he'd worked all day, but the past week we've talked on the phone/texted maybe a total of 20 minutes, usually with a few days in between every time we get in touch.

I don't want to seem clingy or whiny, since we aren't "official" yet, but we usually talk a lot more than this so I'm missing him. What should I do?


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  • I know how you feel. I've been feeling the same sincethis year started. We used to talk every night but we don't now. We barely talk now. I miss him a lot. I kiss talking to him. But you know, sometimes it's OK to give him a little time. Just wait for him to text you first. Since you guys are not official yet, don't expect too much from him.

    • That's the thing, he wanted to be official a while ago, but since we haven't spent real time together yet (we met online and he lives a few hours away), I wanted to wait until we have to make sure that connection is still really there in person.

      I don't expect to hear from him every single night, but when it goes from every night for an hour to MAYBE twice a week for 5 minutes very quickly, it seems like something might be wrong, even though I know he was only staying up for me. I never asked him to though, so if he's stopped on his own, that's why it's worrying me.

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  • The advice that follows is not romantic and it does not sound like the spurious passionate love in movies. The good news is, it actually works if you need more time with him.

    Quite simply, setup a schedule with him. You both agree to certain times every week to meet, talk, spend time together, etc.. You can both lay plans around it and set expectations for eachother. Its full of goodness, but yes a little mechanical for a relationship. Give it a try, and be sure to negotiate an amount of time that is appropriate -- both of you can work out exactly how much that is.

  • If you ask him to text and call more often, then yeah, he will think you are clingy. Which must trick him into texting and calling you more often. first, find an app that sends automated text messages. second, download that app and a bunch of games onto his phone and tell him not to delete your games. third, respond to the automated texts as if he sent them, and he will be forced to join in on the conversation or watch you leave him for a robot.

    The plan is flawless.


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