How do you ask a girl out while she at work?

anything I should say? Info:(girl work at a DQ I know her from high school but never really talk to her. I don't know her name either. I never been on a date so this is scary to me.) Oh and I not able to drive because I might fall asleep at anytime. So if I ask her out were would be a good place to take her for a first date? Should I get dress up when I go to ask her? If it busy at the place what should I do? so should I ask her when she get off of work?


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  • I don't know what DQ is cause we don't have them where I'm from. however, my best friend had this cute way of getting asked out by her now current bf..

    so she was working as a waitress and he was a customer..
    she served him and all night long he was being cheeky and showing interest in her..
    he then asked if he could get more napkins. after she gave them to him he wrote his number on it and said they should hang out..

    it was really cute :)
    hope this helps as maybe some inspiration :P

  • Go to the store at the end of the day when there's no one around and ask her out then

    • But I don't know when she work. I don't want to have people calling me creep.

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