How do I know if he really wants to be with me? And if he does want to be with me, why won't he just tell me how he feels?

I had a friend with benefits for about a year and then I got pregnant! We get along great and have fun together but never really dated. I wasn't the type of girl that wanted to get married or be in a relationship simply because I got pregnant so we learned to co-parent without benefits lol. He's a great dad and a great friend! Our daughter is 4 years old! He's a bit of a male whore and I've been dating someone on and off again but I can't seem to move forward without always looking back. He flirts with me, we spend time with our daughter together, he asks about who I'm talking to or texting like we're together and tells me that he thinks about us being together all of the time... If that's the case why doesn't he do something? or say something? We've slept in the same bed together and nothing ever happens! He never makes a move or really tells me how he feels. I don't want to put myself out there because I don't want to get hurt.


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  • I think the two of you have a child together and sometimes that makes people think about the "what ifs". But if he isn't reacting and pursuing the what ifs, then it just shows that his feelings for those possibilities aren't that strong. I also think it isn't something you should be that surprised about either simply because the two of you have had this superficial relationship for a while now, so even though a child is now involved, you shouldn't expect him to suddenly change and want to settle down. After all, that was never required of him to begin with.

    • I'm not trying to pursue anything with him at this point but I'm curious about his behavior bc it's suddenly flirtatious and everyone around me is like, duh? With the good morning beautiful texts and constant questioning about my texts, guys I'm seeing. He's never cared before. I'm just a little confused! I feel like if wanted to be with me then he'd say something or do something, right?