Would this be a good excuse to hang out?

I've got an idea of what i'm going to do, but i need some brotips thanks!!.

really cute girl at school, saw her smoking outside school.. went up to her starting chatting, she offered her hand and introduced herself. I followed with my name, and said we'll talk somtime:P..saw her in the hallway the other day..both going opposite ways i smiled and said hi. I want to chill with this girl! i know she smokes the herb, and i occasionally do, would that be a good excuse?( to chill)


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  • yea that would definitly be a good excuse
    if anyone says they got weed and offers to smoke with me im more than happy to lol
    just provide it and its a fur sure thing
    i mean free weed!!! lol

    • Such wise. Wow. Such inspirational:P, thanks for the Broette ((:!..i was thinking to mention it, and grab a sack with her, or should i have it ready?

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    • ummm i mean it would be better if you already had it, but if you dont then itd be fine either way (:

    • True that!..i haven't yet I've kinda been dodging her I haven't had time to pic a sac up, and every time we talk she seems so cold LOL, and i'm always initiating the convo's she seems shy though:P. I'll just hit her up when i got everything ready.

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