She's moving abroad- how do I handle these emotions?

This girl I like has been over from France on a gap year, she was potentially staying for another year, though she's 100% going back in mid June.
We've been on one date, but she's been hesitant to date as she wasn't sure if she was leaving or not. I know she likes me too.
We are so close and we just click. I've never liked a girl before, or dated anyone, and can't get over the fact she's going to leave. I'm devastated.
What do I do? How do I handle these emotions?

If anyone wants more background information then read this question, but you don't have to:

Much appreciated!

Anyone been in a similar situation?
Is there anyone else who has any opinions, girls or guys?
Anyone been through the same thing? :)


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  • As simple as it seems you just share them with her.

    • I think it's too late now though. There's only 8 weeks left and we are both quite busy at the moment. It's too late to start something and then go LDR. If things started sooner, when I asked her back in February then yeah...but I think times up unfortunately.

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    • I feel like I've played my final card though. She knows 100% I like her, I'm not sure what more I can do. I think I go with hold my peace!

    • Then be proud you made a decision and carry on!

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