So this guy I think I like texts me good morning all the time and we have a regular conversation. The thing is that he sounds so simple when texting.?

My friend introduced him to me. We've only met one time. And he's texted me. He always texts me first and always texts me good morning now. The problem is that when he's texting me he sounds so plain boring, simple and I feel like I'm annoying him continuing the conversation. What do y'all think? Y'all think he likes me or what?


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  • I think he likes texting you, but is afraid to say anything out of the ordinary. He probably would like you if you two could get past the generic conversation that happens when you first meet someone.

    I suggest replying to one his texts one time with a dirty joke or something like that. This will make the conversation more interesting, and it tells him that you're okay with that type of banter.


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  • I think he likes you, he wouldn't bother texting you if he didn't. A lot of people aren't very good at writing interesting conversation

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