Girls, any tips for a guy using eharmony?

I always read their profile and ask them a question about one of their interests, but they never respond back. The other problem is they don't send me any active matches. 95% of the matches are profiles that haven't been active for over a month plus they are way far away. I feel like I just took 100 dollars and through it out the window. Girls is their a better way for me to message girls on here? Or is it fine mentioning something about their profile and starting the convo off of that? Maybe I should go back to what I've been doing which is approaching girls I see throughout the day.


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  • I would like to receive a note from an online dater saying something that is on my profile and something about how he relates to that. I would reply to a guy that shows some interest in me. That said, ejarmony doesn't let you do that, you have to go through hat question thing. I would try match or okcupid. Those will give you more matches

    • It does. You can write your own personalized email if you want. That's what I've been doing.

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    • That's a good idea. I'll try plenty of fish. Wish I would have tried that to begin with.

    • Give ok Cupid a try. I have friends that met people through that site.

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  • Yea, dont fall for the first one you see.


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  • While asking specific questions about their profile is a good indicator that you actually read their profile, you neglected to mention anything about your own profile.

    If a girl reads your profile and it is dull, boring and bland, you are just as likely to be ignored, regardless of how witty your opening message is.

    Your profile should be informative, and describe YOU.

    1. What do you like to do? Jogging? Hiking? Playing games?
    2. What do you like to eat? Various ethnic cuisine?
    3. What is your education level? Bachelors? Masters? Doctors?
    4. What do you do for fun?

    I'll be perfectly blunt. If you have ANY of the things listed above in your profile, then your profile sucks, and you are a boring ass person.

    Read this, and tell me if it sounds familiar.

    "I'm 25 year old Caucasian. I like to jog, hike, romantic walks on the beach. I'm a foodie and will eat almost anything. I like to travel and I'm well educated. I like to laugh and have fun".

    That is the lamest profile ever, yet it is also the most common profile that men have. It is neither witty, nor informative.

    Try something else. Describe your personality and your upbringing. State your values in life. Is family your priority? Do you strive to constantly learn something new? Career aspirations?

    What's your philosophy about finding a matching woman? That question, and your response will probably get girls more interested. For example:

    "My philosophy on relationships is that both people see eye-to-eye. I'd treat you as my equal, so I look for people with similar levels of education, confidence, ambition and humbleness. Family is the most important thing to me and I look for that quality in others. I'd also like someone who is naturally cheerful because my mood is often determined by the people around me. If you're cheerful, I'm cheerful. But if you're upset, I'm a great pep talker...unless I'm the one who caused you to be upset"

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