He told me that we "shouldn't be into a relationship right now"?

I met a guy that I really like about 4 months ago. He's sweet to me; he texts me and calls me every day and whenever we go on dates, we always have a really good time. We haven't had sex and he's never pressured me into sex or anything like that. We have a lot of common interests and we never run out of things to talk about, and we have lots of deep conversations.
But I sorta had a bad feeling in my gut about him. First of all, it's been 4 months and he STILL hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend and it doesn't really seem like he's going to ask anytime soon. I figure if he really liked me he would have asked me by now? And also he posted a picture on Instagram today, and a girl commented on it saying "I was with you when you took that pic!" and I saw that he likes ALL of her pictures...And he likes TONS of girls' pictures, but I don't know if that's really a valid reason to be worried.
I talked to him about all this (well, not the Instagram thing lol) and he said "I do really like you but I too sense that this isn't the best time for us to be together, but I do wanna be with you. I thought that if I could remain friends with you then when the time was right it would be easier." That confused me and I just don't understand, I STILL feel like he would have asked me to be his girlfriend by now if he truly liked me. So I started to distance myself from him.
Then today he texted me saying "Good morning" and I said "Hey." back. He read my message but never answered it for the rest of the day...He even liked my posts on Facebook today so I KNOW he could have texted me back.
Why didn't he text me back? And what should I do about this situation now? Should I just move on? Thank you


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  • Maybe he was busy or just didn't feel like texting. Who knows.

    I also think that is you want something romantic with him, and you are not currently in the lineup of girls for that to happen, then distance yourself until you dont care about him anymore. When you are ready for a platonic friendship, then sure...be friends. But I would distance myself right now if I were you.