Describe the perfect kiss please...?

Just looking for new ideas.

These can be from personal experiences, from films, from books, or just from imagination.

The more detailed with hands movements and stuff alike, the better.



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  • Perfect kiss is through passion in my case.

    I would think you'd have to have someone kidnapped and you have to go through a lot to get to her (and save her)

    So she can be baffled that you were able to go that far to save her and you cut her from mid-sentence to give her a kiss.

    But all I can think of from that idea is super mario.


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  • my own personal thoughts:
    a first kiss isn't something to be taught. it's to be earned , to be felt by , to share. when your lips touch someone else its like you know why your exisitence is still going strong because you found what was making it last and started with in the first place. its lust and passion that moves through your body to your lips to another, you tense because not only you can feel it so can he/she. its the touch of someone else that makes your body ache for more. first kiss is a memory never to be forgotten. kiss like you know its going to be your last.


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