Do you think this guy could like me?

So there's this guy I like who goes to my church. I never really talked to him as we are both pretty quiet. Our parents are friends and today we went to their place for lunch.
Well, we never really talked. I did try to start a conversation here and there but it didn't last long. He didn't seem all that interested to be around me.
I feel so awkward and shy around him. With people I know well I'm really outgoing and loud, but it's like I'm a completely different person around new people.
So we didn't interact all that much. We were there for about 6 hours. His parents and sister are very nice though.
I'm just wondering if there is any chance he likes me, even as a friend? I do have a crush on him as he seems really sweet, but he's not like that when I'm around him.
I wish I had the confidence to be outgoing around him. All my friends say I should just act like I do around them with him, but I can't. And if I did I would make a fool of myself.
Plus I feel like I'll stuff up if I talk to him or something.
Also, guys do you find quiet/shy girls unattractive? I wish I could be myself around him and show him who I really am. I feel like everyone perceives me as being really quiet, shy and awkward when I'm truly the opposite. And I wish people would see that.
Also, he's about an inch shorter than me. It wouldn't bother me but would this be a factor in him not being interested?
Thanks for reading this. I would love some advice from you. Thanks


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  • Shy girls are attractive. You can try to use your womanly charms to attract his attention. When you feel like the conversation is dying try to make eye contact. Lick your lips. Rub your neck. Play with your hair. Subtle cues will catch his attention.

    • Thanks for your advice :)

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