Long Distance Relationship - Double Standards, or not attracted?

My girlfriend sends me really great nudes and videos, since we can't physically be around each other at the moment. I'm appreciative.

Why would she not want any in return?
Why would she be okay with sending pics and videos, but not interested in receiving dirty pics of myself.

My thought:
> She's not physically attracted to me, and/or she's only attracted to my face.

I'm not in the best shape, but I'm not obese.

All opinions are welcomed.


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  • I've been in her position. I feel like in general women aren't that turned on by dick pics and that kind of thing. Men on the other hand love female nudes and videos so we send them to appease and make them happy. I'm sure she is plenty attracted to you.

  • Maybe she isn't visually turned on by stuff like that


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