Why do people think it's OK to alienate their friends when they're in a relationship?

My roommate isn't the first of my friends to do this, but he's definitely the worst (all of my friends complain about it).

He's been dating this girl since January. For about two months, it was seriously all he talked about. I could not carry a conversation with him because it would always come back to something boring about this girl.

Then, he started ditching us to do mundane activities with his girlfriend. For example, one of our best friends from out of town was visiting. My roommate had just spent 50 consecutive hours with his girlfriend, yet he still ditched us and left early to go to his girlfriend's place even though she was just studying for school.

Even when he hangs out, she's all he talks about. Or if she's there too, he ignores us for her half the time.

The relationship has an expiration date because she's going back to school in the fall. Yet I don't think he realizes that he'll have 0 friends after they break up if he keeps this up. My friends and I have actually talked about not inviting him out anymore because it's so obnoxious.

So I know I'm really just venting, but why do people think it's OK to be so obnoxious and rude to their friends when they're in a relationship?


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  • Because they seem to always have time ONLY for their BF/GF and are "in love" all about the action and ALWAYS want to be with one another. Then again there are those people who are possessive over their BF/GF even when hanging with their friends cause some jealousy. Nothing is wrong when being with your BF/GF but damn everyone still needs to have their time even with friends, that's what communication and trust is for.


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  • It's just inevitable.


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  • SEx, SEX and SEX

  • The power of sex compels him!
    Alas, you're probably too young to get this reference.

    • Yeah... I get the reference.

      And it'd be a little more understandable if he was ditching us for sex. But no, it's usually for something like cooking or doing puzzles.

    • Ah, yes! I call this the "Dinner at Danica's" phenomenon. My friend was offered the chance to go sailing with me to explore the world's largest sea cave on the island of Santa Cruz. He couldn't go because he had to go with his wife to have dinner at Danica's. I went AND HAD AN EXPERIENCE THAT I'LL NEVER FORGET!!! Honestly, it was so awesome it was one of those things you'll remember on your deathbed. A year or two later I reminded him of this, not only did he completely forget the dinner he went to, he said, "Who the hell is Danica?"