Should I kiss him on the cheek yet?

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for about a month and abit more and we both are kind of double dating with my best friend and his best friend who are going out and they have been going out longer and stuff but haven't kissed just hold hands and he puts his arm round her, my boyfriend holds my hand but hasn't put his arm round me and gets shy when I'm with him and his mates! The thing is I really want to kiss him on his check but I'm scared because my best friend hasn't kissed her boyfriend yet and also he hasn't put his arm round me yet ( I think this is because I wear a really big backpack but I don't know what to do ) I really don't want it to be too early and I don't want to embarrass myself and also when can I do this? Also he might tell his best friend and he will tell my best friend as they are going out too so what do I do when they find out? HELP please? Thanks xx


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  • Kiss him when where and how you want to. Don't worry about what specific gestures he's made.


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