Is dating a guy that's not really attractive but seems genuine a good thing, I've picked idiots in the past?

I've dated good looking guys. One was seeing other women while being exclusive with me. Other guy was seeing me, then ended it and said he had a gf all along.

Two wanted sex on second date and thought of the physical without genuinely wanting to get to know me.

So basically all of them were jerks with poor personalities. As they are good looking they assumed any girl would want to bed them but I didn't.

Recently joined and got talking to a guy. He's not ugly, kind of cute. Just the opposite of guy I've been going for. Which might not be a bad thing right. He seems sweet, asked me out this weekend. To a comedy club and for drinks.

All the other guys never took me out. Even ex bf's. Just wanted to go hotels, or to my place. I just hope I can find some kind of attraction to him to be intimate if things progress.


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  • Yea why not try it out, it will teach you what you like and don't like in a partner.

    I've been trying out other 'types' of girls too. Now I can say for sure what I like and don't like.


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  • You're great for giving a different kind of guy a chance, a gentleman!


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  • A relationship needs to have both: The personality, and the attraction. One without the other will never work. I think it's a good idea to go out with this guy and see if it happens, but if it doesn't, you can't force it. That's why love is special, it requires both to be present and it's hard to find.

    • Not forcing it. Yeah I see your point

    • Not saying I'm not attracted to him. I mean he's not really attractive as the other gus I've dated...