She leaves 'forever' in two I tell her how I feel?

She leaves 'forever' in two I tell her how I feel?
This girl I like has been over from France on a gap year, she was potentially staying for another year, though now she's 100% going back in mid June.
We've been on one date, but she's been hesitant to date as she wasn't sure if she was leaving or not. I know she likes me too.
We are so close and we just click. I've never liked a girl before, or dated anyone, and can't get over the fact she's going to leave. I'm devastated.

I feel like we have ran out of time- I wanted to get into a relationship with her long before she was due to leave (when I first asked her out in February ).
Getting into a relationship now just seems too little time, and too late.

She knows by now how I feel...but should I tell her I like her, will miss her, and want to (to think of better words and phrasing) be together?


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  • Tell her how you feel and make sure your really sweet. Ask her to stay!

    • She can't stay unfortunately.
      I think if I do say how I feel, she'll just say that she can't, even though she may feel the same.
      Then things are awkward and my friendship is ruined.

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    • No, I work full time, can't speak french, won't be able to get a job over there and feel like I need to have made some progress in a relationship to get to that point anyway.

      She starts uni there in September. She has talked about maybe coming back after then, in 3 years though. But who knows.

    • Well maybe you guys could do a long distance relationship.

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  • Put it out on the table and if she takes it, then you're a lucky man. Long distance relationships can be challenging for some people.

  • Yes! Don't you dare hold back!


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