Why do I get attached so easily?

There's this guy I saw a few times and I stupidly slept with him. I feel attached and that was a few weeks ago, he continued to talk to me and I didn't understand why because I thought he wouldn't talk to me after we slept together. He had said why wouldn't I message you and I said well it's a bit weird you continue to message me but don't see me. (He has had weeks to see me since we slept together.) he then replied saying well when can I see you? And I then said don't feel like you have to see me just because I said something. And he hasn't replied. Why do I want him so bad is it because I can't have him?

Every time I meet a guy I get along so well with I get attached so easily, I hate it.
And I noticed this girl he's been hanging out with (saw a photo online, a few others were in the photo too) and I felt so jealous because she is so gorgeous. It just made me feel like I'm not enough. And I don't understand this guy either, feel like he's just been stringing me along. I don't know how to move on and stop thinking about him!!!


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  • Only way to move on is to start something new


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