How to give him mine and his first proper kiss, without making it awkward? Help?

Alright, so me and my boyfriend's anniversary is in 10 days. (Yes, I've been keeping track.) And besides his present, I want to give him a proper kiss.. we only peck Kiss and I was his first kiss, he was my second. So neither of us have had a proper kiss. I've been giving him peck kisses a lot so he can get used to them since he's never really had a serious relationship and tends to be shy. So, how can I give him that proper kiss without messing it up and making him feel awkward and/or disgusted?


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  • You really can't plan a kiss. Doing so will only make it awkward when it doesn't go to plan.

    Just find a moment when you feel like you're emotionally connected, put your hands around his hips in an embrace, judge his reaction and if he doesn't seem petrified, go in for a kiss. Maybe a peck first, then something a little longer. Take it from there.

    • Thank you!
      Though, how can I know when he seems petrified? Im.. really bad with expressions..

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    • Haha I will, I'll stay in touch. And hope you and your partner are happy as well! (:

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