What on an "about me" would catch your attention on a dating site, guys?

I don't know how to write a good "About me"

Here's the honest basics:
-I'm very warm and sweet, smile a lot. Non-dominant. Not super loud but not shy except in big crowds. Pretty split between introvert and extrovert. Very insightful and smart when it comes to reading and understanding people. Psychological mind. A daydreamer. Like to read but also like to drink and have fun. Love to go to the beach. Laid back, like to relax. Not uptight. Very girly/feminine. I am emotional, feely type, but not one to have outbursts, I just feel it on the inside. Likes adventures. Not into big parties but still fun.

How do I describe myself in a normal way?


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  • Telling from your description you are the perfect average of a 20-25 year old girl and there is nothing special about you whatsoever.

    • Maybe change "Non-dominant" to "shy submissive who fantasizes about being spanked" and "warm and sweet" to "very caring and willing to give you massages every day" and "like to drink and have fun" to "like to get wasted and have wild sexual action".

      That should do it.

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    • i wanted to know how to write a good description that's more interesting. there's a lot more i can say.

    • Basically you have to wrote stuff that is more unique and desireable, than average and annoying. Like "slightly submissive fantasizing about spanking" maybe that is even true it will put you in the top row. Or "interested in computer science and mathematics" that is most likely not true but it would do the same just for more rich and intelligent people (if your profile doesn't give away that you really aren't, which it would if it is average). That's the secret.

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  • Not to be rude, that is boring, didn't read it to the end. If you want a good profile about me, separate in sections.

    Tall, caramel skin, nornal clothes

    I love playing video games
    I like sports (hockey, badminton)
    I like movies (Cinema)

    What I look for:


    This is fast, simple and easy to read. Thats a +1 when having a profile description.

  • Just put that on there with pics and hope for the best. If it doesn't work, drop online dating altogether.


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  • I'm an shy but adventurous girly girl that like to (name activity like play poker, watch mystery movies, read true crime novels, etc. something gender neutral that will lead to talking points) I'm looking for someone who is (name character traits you like ie hair color, eye color, loyal, brave, kind, down to earth, into motorcycles, whatever.)

    That should help. Keep it short but simple. Be a little mysterious. Add a decent profile pic and you should be set.

    • Avoid lying on your profile. There's not worse than when some goes to talk about something you listed in "common" and you have absolutely nothing to say. Try being yourself. And avoid mentioning sexual stuff, unless of course you're just looking for a F**K buddy and not a actual boyfriend.