How do I know what he expects?

I am going to go on a second date with this guy tomorrow. I am a virgin and have not dated much. On our first date he started making out with me in the middle of the bar we were in. I wasn't very comfortable with that. I am not sure if he is expecting to sleep with me soon or if he just wants sex but thats not happening anytime soon. When is the appropriate time to tell him Im a virgin without it being too soon? Would really appreciate some advice! Thanks


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  • If the dating game goes places where you're not comfortable, you need to speak up. This applies to sex and whatever else may happen.

  • You want to know what a dude is thinking? Ask him. If you want know when it's a good time to tell him your a virgin then the appropriate time I assume would be when you're comfortable enough with this guy to actually want to have sex with him. If you don't want it then he doesn't need to know.


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