Girlfriend wants to move away from our families, I am not sure... What should I do?

So recenlty I moved back to my hometown of STL after 9 years in KC. I went to college there, and stayed there another 5 years working for a large fortune 500 company. I liked my job, it payed good, and the benefits were great, but I felt like I was just going through the motions there and I was homesick.

I liked KC but was single most of the time, and had a hard time meeting women. I felt alone there. I wanted to start a family. After about a year of searching, I found a job at a small tech start up in downtown STL. I quit my job on good terms, they told me I could come back if I want to later, and moved to STL. I met a girl shortly after moving, have now been dating for a year, and live together for the past 6-7 months. I could really see myself marrying this girl, but I'm hesitant to move back to KC, because if it doesn't work I will be stuck there again.

I love the job, and there is less red tape, and my work is definetely more valuable here, but I had to take a pay cut w/ no benefits at all. I didn't mind at first, but lately it is bothering me that I get paid so little, no benefits, and I even have to pay to park my car downtown. I also have to work way more hours. This startup has just recieved another round of funding, but I do not believe that this will take me to the next level in my career or make me rich.

My girlfriend wants move, and only moved back to STL because of some issues in her own life. She has said she would rather move with me, but will also stay if I want too. I talked to my old boss and they would definetely hire me back, and with a promotion that I was supposed to get before I left. More money, more power, more benefits, but 4 hrs away from my family and back in KC. With this secure, well paying job, we could start a life together though.

It's only 4 hours. I could come home weekends if I wanted to, but that is what I said before an barely ever did. I am not really sure I want to move, but she really wants to. What do you guys think?

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I should say, the main reason I moved was to be closer to my aging family. That being said, KC is not really that far away from STL. I could still see them quite a bit, just not as much.

I love my family, and family is VERY important to me. That is what is making this decision so hard...
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I should also mention in am 29, girlfriend is 27. So I feel like we are both at a point to start a family.
Girlfriend wants to move away from our families, I am not sure... What should I do?
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