Should I move to NYC or Boston?

So I live like an hour from Boston right now and I'm tired of my area and tired of my job so I'm going to move. I'm just trying to decide between Boston or NY. I want to move because I want a new job and I want more opportunities to meet interesting people. Here's some reasons I might do one or the other:

Boston: I already have a good job offer there that sounds interesting, it's close to where I live now so it would be a relatively easy move. I could start the new job in a few weeks. The downside is I don't really know anyone there yet.

NYC: It will take more effort and more time to get a job there and move, I would have to be more patient and I'm already kind of depressed about my current situation so I want to get out of it asap. It's also more removed from nature. But I already have some good friends who live there.

Do I move to Boston right now and try to make new friends there, but risk getting stuck there for a while and being unhappy with it? Or do I try to wait it out a few months until I find a job in NYC and move to NYC where I already know I have friends? The jobs themselves and the money aren't really a big deal, I'll be able to find a worthwhile arrangement in either place, I'm more wondering about which one has more interesting people, and whether I should move *right away* since I'm unhappy.
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Should I move to NYC or Boston?
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