Should I become a teacher?

I am at a lost over what to do with my life career wise. I have a bachelor's degree in history, so I could become a high school history teacher with a little more school. I don't really care how much money I make, I am a bit of a minimalist and I will never have children (trust me, I am sure). I dedicated to a particular cause in my life, but teaching nor any career really correlates with it. However, I am concerned that if I am a teacher I will be unable to have a voice in my movement as well; which would defeat the whole purpose of living life to me. I do want a career that actually benefits society even if it does not help my cause, not just a money making venture. Also, teaching is not a recommended career for my personality type, ISTP, but is not the worst either. So basically, I want a career that benefits society rather than just perpetuating society as it is, I don't need a lot of money, but I don't want my voice to be silenced because of my career choice. I can't figure quite this puzzle out 😖


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  • Do you want to be a teacher?

    • If I can still have a voice, and be a teacher. Then, I certainly could be.

    • Go for it

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