No respect at work?

I'm mainly posting this to get this off my chest and to maybe get some advice on this situation. I recently obtained a new job after being unemployed for sometime and was VERY excited and happy to go to work in the beginning. Now, I hate my job only after 3 months. The work environment is very toxic. I feel very mistreated and disrespected at work. I would say that I'm about 20 years younger than my coworkers and they treat me like a child. They ignore me when I give my feedback. They don't involve me in "work" conversations. They are VERY cliquey. If I do something wrong, they get EXTREMELY annoyed and agitated with me, keeping in mind that I have only worked there 3 months. I'm looking for another job because I dread going here every morning. The sheer stress is making me sick everyday.. PLEASE give me advice.
No respect at work?
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