Would you be a sex slave?

So, I put this in education and career because it's more about freedom and economic choices than about sex.

So 4 questions,

Scenario 1: you're given the choice to voluntarily become a sex slave. Although, once you agree to it, you can't ever get out of it, you'll be a slave for life. You can be bought and sold and traded or owned by businesses and what not. But let's say, you get to choose to be a slave for men, for women, or for men and women, and there is no chance that anyone you'll be forced to have sex with will be unattractive. Everyone in your new life will be super hot. You won't actually have to do any slave labor, just sexual duties. You'll be taken care of, great medical care, good living quarters, well fed. Would you choose to do this?

Scenario 2: you're forced to become a sex slave, but with none of the perks listed above. No guarantee of attractive people, you still have to work to keep yourself alive and healthy. Would you be ok with this as your fate?

Scenario 3: this one is just for guys. Basically the same as scenario 2, except now whenever someone forces you to have sex with them, you have the option of ruining your life for the possibility of that person getting a slap on the wrist, and that's supposed to stop people from having sex with you when you don't want it. Would you be ok with this as your fate?

Question 4: do you understand why scenario 3 was just for guys?
Would you be a sex slave?
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