Do you think I have enough experience to apply for master's this year instead of next year?

So, I am planning to apply for master's at the University of St Andrews in the UK, which is a top 3-5 school there.
I have a 3.9/4 GPA. My work experience is: practice at the ministry of foreign affairs of my country, internship at the city council of the capital city of my country, membership at a course-relevant think tank and having been an undergraduate teaching assistant. I am 21, just graduating from my bachelor's degree. Should I apply this autumn or should I wait for applying in autumn 2019? The thing is that if I enroll in 2020 I really don't know what to do till then since getting an internship is almost impossible and also unpaid. I can't live like that for 2 more years. Any advices? Thanks.
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  • Wait one more year to apply
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What Guys Said 2

  • Just do it now. You sound more than qualified

  • wait one more year


What Girls Said 1

  • Do it now. You never know. What they usually look for is if you are a right fit, good grades, how bad you want it. You are young so I wouldn't think they would want you to have ton of experience.


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