I wanna go study in south korea. Im 18 and i'll get the baccalaureat on June. Can you help how to apply for universities? And for scholarships too?

Im not korean and I don't speak korean also. English is my third lauguage


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  • Quora would be where I'd ask this question.


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  • I'd suggest you look up on the internet for general information about studying and living there, and see chances related to your country to apply, criteria, etc as each country is different, depending where you would like study and what branch.. Or you can ask in a education related forum, so you'll have more chances to get the answers that you need.
    Best of luck.

    • I did and the problem is I don't find any reliable source! And since all the articles are in English and they use a very formal way its a bit hard for me to understand :/ information with my native language or french I can't seem to find them

    • But thank you!!

    • I understand, and you're welcome!

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