Is it fair to end Senior Field Day because of pranks?

Seniors at my high school put toilet paper over the trees and bushes. They sprayed whipped cream on the benches, rubbed lotion onto doorknobs, spilled juice on the floor, and wrote "I did it" with chalk on the walls. Field day is when seniors go on a field trip, go out to eat, come back to school, and play games outside. But the principal said he's disappointed and might end it forever if these pranks continue. Is this fair? I'm a freshman. They graduate next week.
Senior Field is NEXT week. But this week, the seniors pulled pranks. So the principal said he might cancel Senior Field Day for next week and possibly forever.


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  • Fairness doesn't matter here. You as a student don't get to write the rules, so you were never in a fair position to start with. But yes, it does suck that a school tradition may be destroyed. I would encourage you to pitch other ideas to your school and the principal of how to replace the current senior day with something more manageable but fun for students.

    • Senior Field is NEXT week. But this week, the seniors pulled pranks. So the principal said he might cancel Senior Field Day for next week and possibly forever.

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    • Well, it's just funny that the principal made it seem like the seniors destroyed the school. But they were pranks that the janitors could easily clean up. No big deal really. It's just funny how the principal was "deeply disappointed."

    • I agree that it's over exaggerated in his mind. But you also have to look at it from a professional point of view. His literal job is to help turn kids into responsible adults. If there is something that is preventing him from fulfilling that duty, then naturally he has to do something about it or he'll get called out on it later. The actions of his students are a reflection of his professionalism. As much as it sucks, he's making things worst for you guys because you guys made him look bad to parents, the local community, and the school district.

      I also want to add that just because there's someone to clean up your mess that isn't an excuse to intentionally make one. Adults clean up their own mess. The principal is probably most disappointed with himself here if his students don't understand a sense of responsibility yet.

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  • Yeah it is. Because the next generation always wants to one up what their predecessors did. You specifically might not want to but you can't speak for those around you.


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  • Not fair at all. The principle is aware that this is a once of a lifetime event. Cutting it off is, of course, not fair at all.

    Senior prank is an American culture. Schools must put up to it, but dangerous pranks must have a proper punishment; however, cutting the field trip is absolutely too harsh

  • Wait so why do you as a freshman care?

    • The principal talked about it on the intercom this morning. He said that he was "deeply disappointed." My other freshman classmates said that he made it seemed like they destroyed the school, but the pranks could easily be cleaned up by the janitor.

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    • These aren't pranks, but numerous students have brought guns to school. Heck, this boy had brass knuckles, a ski mask, two hunting knives, a loaded handgun, and 100 rounds of ammo in his clarinet case. It was all over the news. And the following month, two boys called and threatened to shoot up the school. There was a map of their hideout online, but it didn't happened.

    • Of course that's worse

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