What is the possibility of people donating to a fundraiser aiming to help pay for the college tuition of a poor international student?

Hi everyone!

I'm planning to go to Barry University next year when I finish high school, but I'm afraid I might not be able to show up on campus due to my extreme poverty (My family earns around $300 per month).
Barry University Net Cost
My chances of getting admitted there are almost certain ( My overall GPA is 3.7, My expected SAT Score will fall in the range of 1350+) Barry University Admission Requirements

My family will be able to pay for my student visa and ticket to America only (Refer to our monthly income above to understand why).

I'm planning to start a fundraising campaign on my birthday to raise, at least, a year's tuition...

I'll keep you updated with any new advancement in my application process...

I hope my current bits and pieces of the story make you appreciate the urgency of my matter and I'll be available for any further inquiries from interested donors

Peace out!

Facebook Profile: Omar El-Bamby
Email: omarbamby17@gmail. com
Phone Number: +201126898167


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  • I suppose it depends on how much publicity you can get for it. I know someone who was able to get people do donate in order for her to buy designer jeans. I would consider education a much better cause to donate to. So if she can find people to give her money, I have no doubt that you can too. The issue is whether it will be enough. Although I suppose some is better than none either way.

    • I believe so too...

      Maybe if I keep people updated with my scores and achievements, that would give them enough incentive to donate for my cause and help me pursue my dream

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  • How about you choose a cheaper one, a free one or no higher education at all? And what's good in the Barry University? Is it famous for a lot of scientists/artists/stars graduated from it? Does it win the international contests? Like that one:

    The main issue is you shouldn't go for a higher education in case you don't know how to use it and make money with it.

    And don't do fundraising - people wouldn't pay for that.


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  • the U. S. government will gladly pay your entire way through college free of charge if you maintain a certain GPA and are foreign.

    • I doubt so actually, especially after Trump took power, lol

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    • Ok, maybe I'll request a Skype interview with the university's admission officer to explain my situation and gauge the amount of help that would be available for me...

      That's why I'm planning to start that fundraiser, to cover the gaps that would get in the way.

      Thanks a lot for your response, sir!

    • that sounds great! good luck!

  • Not a chance.

  • You shouldn’t go to that school


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