What’s your opinion on kids vaping?

Vaping pretty popular at my school among children under 18. Honestly I hope it gets banned or something because it’s f*cking stupid.


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  • ooh we have an edgy one who thinks he knows what's good for everyone.
    obviously it's not healthy but you're one of the people that is advocating for more control over this for what reason exactly? oh you think it's fucking stupid? newsflash everyone that's not a millennial think's it's fucking stupid but that's the most retarded reason i've seen to ban this shit, at the very least you could've made an excuse to do with real science instead of subjective matters.

    • I’m guessing you vape?

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    • @ThePundertaker thanks, that can happen, does to everyone every once in a while.

    • You’re welcome
      Glad you understand

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