When you start a new job, do you introduce yourself to the staff or do you wait to speak to them untill they do?

I just want youf intake, as in my old job when new people start I always make conversation first. But now in my new job they don't do it. I know my new job is a big company, but I feel like they wait til I speak to them.
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What Guys Said 1

  • I don't go out of my way to introduce my self. I let things naturally run their course.

    • I sometimes do this and feel like people will gradually get to know eachother, because if i try harder than other people it feels forced.

What Girls Said 2

  • I just recently started a new job and my supervisor took the initiative to introduce me to several of my co-workers but for others, I just introduced myself. It wasn't awkward or anything. I think reaching out first shows confidence and can help you become acquainted with your co-workers better.

    • Yes that is true, I will try more. I only know about 12 out of like a possible 30 plus. It's a big department. My line manager did introduce myself to some who I don't work with on a daily basis I say hi too and just faded away. Some people just has miserable face so if I smile at them you can tell that they not in the mood. In my old job it was really easy and I felt more comfortable.

  • I normally wait

    • Yeah in this job, people will be talkative once they feel at ease with you. When you normally wait, does it work for you in terms of them talking to you?

    • Yeah, sometimes. If you're shy about talking to people first try smiling at someone if you end up making eye contact because then they feel more comfortable approaching you first

    • Ok thanks I will do. I do smile at some, but some not friendly. I will try and smile at others. I am starting to feel confident at thus job, so hopefully I gradually talked to some.

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