How do I know I won't regret leaving current job for another?

my coworker who left few months ago gave me an offer, she told me I'd have it way better at the place she works at.
but the only pros for me are that I'll have higher paycheck and I was told even colleagues are better (but that's subjective). Also I'd have to travel longer distance.
On other hand I don't feel like leaving because I finally got closer to the people at my current work and honestly that's what matters to me more than money.

i just don't wanna feel like I either missed a chance or end up beating myself up for leaving current work


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  • I don’t know if you have vocation days or not. But if I was you ( not sure) at the job I am working now I would take two weeks of vacation then go to the other job and see if I do like it for that two weeks. If I don’t like it go back to the regular job.


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