Should I just drop out of college or slowly take the L?

I don’t want to drop out of college but I mean I get the feeling that I simply don’t belong.
i don’t come from a rich family and The better side of my family doesn’t even like me anyways. All I have is a reputation cause I go to this design school on a scholar ship. I’m not rich, I work as much as I can but they only allow 20 hours per week and don’t get any financial help from my family, so I joined seeking. That’s not going too well.
I have a 3.4 gpa I was proud until I found out my friends got invited to this honors club and you needed at least a 3.5 GPA and one told me “just get your gpa stable for next semester” like I worked as hard as you If anything Harder.
I get no financial help and work isn’t going to pay these tuition bills, my art isn’t good enough, clearly I’m just not smart enough or some shit.
I don’t feel like I even belong. Don’t get me started about my chances for love here either cause that’s never gonna happen 😂. But yeah I kinda wanna give up soon. I’m gonna have to take this L either way, what do you guys think I should do?


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  • I don't think you should drop out unless you really dont like your program, go find another one, you dont want to work minimum wage for thr next decade

  • You have a fucking 3.4 GPA!
    You are insane to drop out of college.
    Other people are idiots - stay in school.

    What does "take this L" mean?

    • Lose lol

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    • I’ll loose when I can’t afford my sophmore year lol

    • If you have a scholarship then they will likely continue that to keep you in school. That's what happened for me. One my school saw that I was not a fuck up and was going to complete my 4 years for my BS, they doubled my scholarship beginning with my 5th semester.

What Girls Said 1

  • Get a sugar daddy

    • That’s what seeking is it’s a sugar daddy site

    • I know seeking arrangements:)) Try sugardaddie and sugardaddyforme too

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