Do you think that everyone has a career or job that perfectly fits their personality and temperament?

It's not something that they're necessarily in right now. Just that there is one out there that fits them so well that they would love it. One that utilizes all of their talents and natural gifts.


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  • I don’t think everyone has a job/career that perfectly fits their personality and temperament. The circumstances vary for many people. For example, I know two of the people that work with me who have different personalities but they do the job just to gain experience and for the paycheck. They’ve managed to adapt “by being professional” , but naturally their personalities and temperament are very different.


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  • I think that everyone has an operational envelope befitting their skills, experience and behaviour strengths.
    A number of jobs will be suitable depending how wide their envelope is. Finding one that fits well will probably lead to growth and satisfaction.
    So I guess I'm agreeing with you.


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