Feminism in 2019?

So I've been seeing a lot controversy surrounding the word "feminist" on gag, and I felt like addressing it. I think women should have the right to vote, do what they want to do and be who they want to be just like a man. No more no less. Along with paying for thier own shit and helping themselves, no cherry picking. That's equality. Believing that makes me a feminist by default if I'm correct. Doesn't mean I post it on my FB or wear a shirt stating I am. I don't really care if other people do that tho, do you.

Now women who have a hatred for men and think women are superior to men for whatever reason, and think they get to pick and choose then play victim can sit the fuck down. As far as I'm concerned those aren't feminists. They are an insult to the definition of feminism.

So my question is, why do we still refer to women who have hatred for men just because thier men as feminists? Considering plenty of us are perfectly sane normal people who just like voting?
Feminism in 2019?
Because i think there is no difference.
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I understand the difference between feminism and misandry.
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Feminism in 2019?
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