What do I do when I get reprimanded by my boss?

I mean of course i say sorry. But i don't know where to look my eyes look all over the place i mean should stare at the ground should i stare at them?, and when my boss asks me my reasoning i just go ummmm "idk" "i forgot " my mind goes blank. How do i look like less of an idiot when my superiors are correcting me?


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  • Alright, I got some advice from my dad on this, who has been on both sides of things.

    Hidden step #0: Confidence in your work
    This is an important precursor to the meeting or really anything you do. Have confidence in what you've done and what you are doing. They hired you, so they believe in your skill/potential, which means you should believe in yourself. This in turn means no "I'm sorry," because saying you are sorry will make them follow up with "for what?" or "sorry to whom?" Sorry makes it seem like you regret what you did. Yeah, if you knew then what you did now, you'd do things differently, but presumably, you did your best in the time you had. Thus, there is no need to say sorry.

    Likewise, it also means you should stare them in the eye as they speak and as you are speaking. Staring at the ground makes it seem like A.) you aren't paying attention and B.) you aren't confident in what you put out (which makes them question, "why are you even here?").

    Step #1: Acknowledge your mistake.
    In other words, take ownership. This is more important where the boss doesn't particularly single you out. It's better to step up and say you made a mistake than wait for your boss to go to you and have to say flat out "You messed up." Just saying something along the lines of "This was my bad" or "That was my mistake."

    Step #2: Say what you did wrong.
    Now that you've taken ownership, state what you're taking ownership of. This is basically a summary of whatever they said in a way. The main point of this is to show that, yes, you do actually understand what you did wrong, and you're not being mistaken on what you think is wrong. Management likes this. Note: I'd avoid adding personal mistakes as an excuse for your mess up. You aren't trying to justify your behavior-- you're trying to acknowledge it, because it already happened.

    Step #3: Say how you will fix it.
    Possibly the biggest thing to do: propose a solution of how you will correct your mistake for the future. Management is less concerned about what you did in the past-- it happened. It's over. They're more concerned about how you will fix things for the future. Offer a solution that will solve things going forward. This will assure management that you won't make the mistake so easily again. Again, management likes this.

    It's less about trying to smooth things over in the past and more about trying to fix things for the future.

  • By saying yes sir or yes mam. That's just for starters. By showing a little gratitude and respect. Then they will know u are starting 2 try 2 do better. Take time 2 listen 2 what they have 2 say. They didn't get 2 be ur boss by lolly ass around. Pay attention 2 detail. It's the little things that make the difference.

  • Look at them and pay attention. When they ask be honest. Their trying to make sure you understand why what you did was wrong and make sure you don’t do it again. They are trying to make you better at your job.

  • Learn from it

    • 2 d ago

      That wasn't my question. I'm asking what do i do in that moment.

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