Harvard Extension School or Harvard Business School?

I am looking for a degree graduate program in business, finance, and management. I have the GPA, I have my English proficiency (CPE), I have the budget, but my work experience has been just part-time work (in banking and sales). Although I have worked for 6 years, it was always while studying. I am finishing my undergraduate studies (Double degree program in Business and Management (Bachelor of Arts), and Business and Law (Bachelor of Laws)), I think that the MBA on H. B. S. is more targeted to managers who already have a career and they are willing to hit pause and study again, Masters on H. E. S., on the other hand, is targeted to people who are working at the moment and want to keep on studying.

- MBA is 2 years (20 courses), it costs circa 70 000 dollars, full time, on-campus
- Master of liberal arts in Finance/Management is 1 year (12 courses), it costs circa 35 000 dollars, part-time, blended learning

I want to try to apply for both programs but I don't know which would be better for me. Does any of you have experience with them?
Harvard Extension School or Harvard Business School?
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