Should I quit, keep the job, or just let myself get fired😂?

FIRST AND FOREMOST, please either read this in its entirety or keep it moving. I feel like people have Twitter attention spans these days and just stop reading 140 characters in, but the details are important and I won’t get situationally specific answers if you just read the title and shoot from the hip. My situation is a little uncommon.

So I just got some news yesterday of a big change at my job that I’ve held for 7 years. My branch’s general manager, who is my college buddy and former roommate of 22 years, got a wayyyy better opportunity, so he’s leaving.

A few things to know about me as an employee before I go further:
-Extremely dedicated, loyal, and overall valuable.
-Worked 100 hour weeks on salary for last 7 months
-Been the “cover-up” for the company’s “acne”—we are WILDLY UNDERRESOURCED.
Bottom line: the company sucks and seems to rely on employing desperate people with no other options who will do way more work for less money.

Now a few things about me as a person... under no circumstances do I tolerate:
-Expectations of a subordinate attitude beyond reasonable respect of a chain of command
Bottom line: I do not “answer to” anyone

Important ‘X’-factors:
-just inherited a lot of money with more on the way, financial future is all set, retirement by 55 at maximum
-elderly father could use my help, and I could live there more or less for free
-been caring for an ill girlfriend for years but her mom is moving up here to take over

I’m meeting with the owner next week, who probably assumes I’m still locked in. He can’t afford to lose me too, so I have leverage. Here’s the thing: getting more money would be easy. What I want is less work, more time off, less stress.

So my options:
-stay at the job, more money, but this guy would need to accept my parameters for work
-stay, but also move home, try it for a while
-quit outright, go home with my dad, deliver pizzas or something for walking around money

What do you guys think?
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Also important: just as a general rule, I don’t ever need to have a job I don’t want to have again. I’m kind of questioning if I can even ever work FOR someone else again given my financial situation, like maybe, as douchey as this will sound, I’m too rich to be anyone else’s employee lmao. I can just go buy some rental properties and start my own shit. I guess I’m just wondering if I can and should juice this shitty company for a while longer for some money with greatly reduced effort, haha
Should I quit, keep the job, or just let myself get fired😂?
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