What could I do with my spare time?🤔?

I've got a week until i go on holiday, then im back at college in September.

I booked off the whole month of August, so i don't have work until September.

All i have left to do (before i go on holiday, in 1 week's time) is play guitar or go to the gym :(

~ Maybe i could get better sleep and lift weights and train harder, to get a better physique?
~ And/or practise guitar loads and become even better at that?
~ or watch netflix?

I don't have many close friends, just tons of aquaintances, and when i do spend time with them, it's really boring.
Go to the gym and/or play guitar
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Go out drinking with people i barely know
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Watch Netflix
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Do something different
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Other (explain)
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What could I do with my spare time?🤔?
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