How do you deal with a Jerry?

Ok so there's this guy at work, who only got the job because the boss was doing him a favour.

The boss likes him because he makes a prat of himself doing stupid things in a funny way. He also feels sorry for him because he is more nerdy (personality n physical features) than a cartoon of a nerd.
My boss thinks this guy hasn't got a bad bone in his body but all I see is greed.

He wants to be famous and centre of attention. He tries to use the victim card to get out of anything he doesn't want to do and he also uses it to try get people to give him things for free.

But at thw same time (sometimes in the same sentence) he will be boasting about how amazing he is but it will always just be constant lies like how he's so strong and is always at the gym yet he's weaker than a 6 year old.

I hate working with him and having to do twice the work because he's not fit enough for the job.
How do you deal with a Jerry?
10 mo
Im comparing this guy to jerry because the way Rick calls him out as a predator fits him perfectly. The way he pretends to be prey until he thinks he can get away with it. He's sly.
How do you deal with a Jerry?
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