I’m moving to an all girls school?

So pretty much, I live in Bermuda (vey small island with only like 5 schools) and I just started at a new school and it really hasn’t been working out. The environment makes me uncomfortable and the school doesn’t provide me with the subject choices that I like. So we emailed a different school which does have the subject choices which I like, and there are lots of benefits including as the location of the school but the one thing I’m scared of is that it’s an all girls school. I’ve never been to an all girls school before and the thought of it scares me because all girls schools tend to have odd reputations and I am 16 years old now and some of my friends have told me if I move there i’ll never get a boyfriend. I wish I could pretend something as stupid as that doesn’t matter to me and that I completely prioritise academics over anything- but at my age, I guess it’s normal to want to know some boys. I’m just really worried that I’m going to miss having boys around me and that i’ll be missing that type of social opportunity when I leave. I am also worried not just about not getting a boyfriend but just not having may guy friends :( My mom tells me that I can always mix with boys outside of school but I’m not really sure there’s many opportunities for that. Does anyone have any advice or experience at all girls school to help me understand if my feelings are unnecessary or if they’re accurate?
I’m moving to an all girls school?
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