Have I suffered Gender discrimination at work?

This particular instance is along a long list of bullshit I have seen working for a "business" promoting social justice and dignity for all.

I can't go into too much detail about the company as I am considering taking legal action against them for a list of different things. Maybe soon I can go into more detail.

But now to the question asked...

I was told there was a meeting with a woman in a position of authority at my company.

Roughly 20 or so women were there and 3 men including me.

At the beginning of the meeting I was offered tea or coffee and asked to take a seat.

I watched a presentation and after 10 minutes raised my hand and asked "will we have a chance to ask questions atthe end"

The response was "Yes of course"

When the presentation ended 90 minutes later I asked a question she didn't like but it was a genuine issueI felt needed addressing and I was told

"I thought this meeting was only for women"

90% of the women present were from a different department but one woman was from my own department.

If she had said "this is for X department" to me it's a different matter entirely.

But as it was explicitly stated it's only for women that indicates the colleague from my department was welcome but I wasn't just because she is a woman and I am a man.

Do you think like I do that this is an open and shut case of Gender discrimination?

If it happened the other way around with me demeaning a woman I think I would have been instantly fired.

Surely if the meeting was only for women I should have been informed long before it got to the stage where I was to ask questions about the presentation?

There were multiple chances to inform me before then.
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Have I suffered Gender discrimination at work?
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