Are you a white or blue collar man or woman?

Pretty what much the title says, do you work a blue collar or white collar job, what you do, do you like, love or hate it, what's a typical day or week for you?
Because the question requires pics
Because the question requires pics
The point of the question is to see what everyone does and whether they like it or not but also give everyone a perspective into what white and blue collar work is actually like.

I myself am a blue collar worker, I work at a seed/grain plant in Kansas and I work at 3 different plants.

Typical week is 40 hours, with overtime it's usually about 60, I work minimum 8 hour days from 8am to 5am though it's not uncommon to get up at 5am every day when harvest hits or we get busy and work 6am to 5 pm or even 6am to 8-10pm when we get really busy but depending on the work load, season and demand days can go as long as 16 hour days. We work Monday through Friday though working Saturday's is also not uncommon.

A typical day for me is getting up at 7am and driving down to our main plant to get our work details for the day of what we're doing and where we are going.

Once I get to the plant we fire up the mill and make sure the bagger and carter are full, weigh a pallet put it and someone in the bull pin, line up the belt and start bagging and sewing bags of seed which then go down a belt and drop down into the bull pin from above, each pallet when fully stacked weighs about 2,500lbs. And we do this back to back all day long.

Cleaning the warehouses and equipment, loading and unloading seed trucks, dump trucks and semi-trucks, weighting trucks, augering out silos/bins, fixing shit, when harvest hits we'll go out and walk the fields. We also get inside the bins/silos and clean the insides of em and they are usually pretty nasty.

We do a lot more but you get the idea.

Here's a song for you and also something to look at so the text don't ruin your eyes lol.It's hot as hell, cold as hell, dirty, dusty, disgusting, hard as hell labor and I love every second of it.

So what do y'all do?
Are you a white or blue collar man or woman?
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