How do I tell my boyfriend I’m dropping out of uni?

Hi all. So, I love my boyfriend so much we want to get married. However, his family has really high standards in that they really value higher education. I am 19 and got into a bachelor of law degree which takes 4 years. I did law because I was always a good high school student who excelled in writing subjects. I was shown universities from a young age by parents. It was expected I’d go to uni I guess. So now in my first year, I really think I failed one of my subjects (not the content but there is a hurdle task we need like 75% in and I just couldn’t). I do not want to do another year, this is so difficult. I’m not even the slack type. Just your everyday student.

I’ve come to terms with what I should do; do a year’s long business course at a vocational college. I get actual hands on work experience there and the debt isn’t too high. And my boyfriend knows I put family and having kids above all. But even in the past where I have alluded to the idea of dropping law he reacted in a not too happy way. Sounded disappointed in me. I haven’t told him about this business program idea yet though. We talk in a few days as we have some things to get through regarding exams as I’m not finished my exams yet.

I just know it’s best to leave uni early as if I have already failed, what’s to say I won’t fail next time around? I’m just sick of this to be honest. He says he loves me no matter what and that he’s so grateful I’ve been with him at even the lowest points of his life (as he’s older and for this whole year we have been together, a big tragedy took place).

Any advice would be much appreciated.
How do I tell my boyfriend I’m dropping out of uni?
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