Partner jealous of my success? Lost on what to do?

I started up my own business last year to have flexibility for family. (Minimal startup costs and we have separate money) My partner didn’t celebrate with me when I started, then he confessed that he was shocked that I doubled my wage and the business was successful. Anytime I mention that I have a new contract, he scoffs and talks about himself and his needs, never throwing out a quick cheer. He overthinks business venture ideas then puts roadblocks in his way, ultimately leading no where except veering the topic off me. I’ve regularly offered support at trying to help him find his passion but to no avail.

Yesterday I was joking around about starting a small business in my prior field of work that I have 15 years in and he tried to jump on board to work with me. This is a field he cares to know nothing about and regularly insults me in a joking fashion.
I said sure, we can do something together, he run one aspect of it and I offer my skills on the other, we can discover his passions and work on them but he shot that down as he wants to work side by side doing the same thing. He said we should open a bakery instead as he knows I enjoy baking for the family.
I have 12 certificates in my field and money to open it myself with no strain on our household, I told him I don’t want to bake, I want to use my skills and knowledge that I’m passionate about.
Partner jealous of my success? Lost on what to do?
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