Would it be wise to take 23-24 credits in a semester of college?

I have about 2 semesters (not including student teaching) of classes left, however, one of those semesters, there’s a possibility of me having to take 23 credits. My university did something very stupid, and placed the credit limit at 15 credits. So, regardless if I end up taking 23 credits, I’ll have to pay extra just to take 16. Anyway, the three classes that I REALLY need are only offered once per year (once in the fall, and there’s only ONE section of the three classes). So, if I don’t take those two classes next fall, I’m pushing my graduation date back by an extra year. So I don’t know what to do. I’m already graduating late because I changed my major to music; I just don’t want to graduate 3 years past my original graduation date, which was spring of 2021. Below is my possible schedule for next year, what do you guys advise I do? *The courses with the asterisks are only offered once a year, and none of them are offered online or over the summer*

Fall 2020:
Band methods I (3)*
Conducting I (2)*
Aural Skills 300 (2)
Aural Skills 400 (2)*
Piano Skills 300 (1)
Music History 300 (3)
Music Theory 400 (3)
Private lessons (2)
Woodwinds Methods (1)
Vocal Methods (1)*
Composition Methods (3)*

Spring 2021:
Band Methods II (3)*
Conducting II (2)*
Music History 400 (3)
Private Lessons (3)
Woodwinds Methods (1)
Guitar Methods (1)
Band (1)
Senior Recital (1)

Fall 2021:
student teaching (6)
Would it be wise to take 23-24 credits in a semester of college?
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