Parents are making me unprepared for life, what do I do?

Im a junior in high school (16-17 year olds and the second to last grade there for anyone who has no idea what that means) and I'm completely unprepared. This is the year we're supposed to be visiting colleges and my parents seem to be doing everything possible to prevent me from getting anything done.
They won't let me even learn to drive because they dont have licenses in this state, and I can't get one without one of them having one. It's been over a year and a half of them promising "next week" to get one to let me drive. Everytime I ask to visit a college they get mad at me and whenever I ask about how to live on my own or anything like that they freak out and won't help me. Ill be 18 in less than a year and I have absolutely nothing done.
I can't learn to drive without them, I can't visit any colleges without a ride, and I can't get a job until the summer without being able to drive because I live up north and its constantly freezing!
It's frustrating because I'm an honors student. I have all As and A+, I already have plenty of college credit from courses I've been taking, but I'm still stuck because they won't do anything to help me and call me lazy for needing their help. I have no idea what to do, at this rate Im going to turn 18 and have to somehow balance moving out, getting a full time job, learning to drive, visiting colleges last minute, and finishing high school all at the same time because as a minor I cannot do any of it.
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Also we dont talk to anyone else in my family. My entire family is pretty dysfunctional and besides my immediate family I've seen none of them in several years. Plus they all live at least 5 hours away each so getting family help isn't really an option...
Parents are making me unprepared for life, what do I do?
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