If you were fired Will you accept a job position lower than your work experience as it better not to have a job at all?

So you better settle with a lower job position and possible even low pay? I was fired 2 months ago from this company that I was working for 13 years. For my age the job search turns out to be more difficult as many companies prefer to hire young people with low paid as they could settle for that. With people my age some companies will have to pay you more money and maybe they are not into that.

I was working as a receptionist of a company but I also did secretarial and clerical duties for the General Manager and otehr small departments. Even though I got paid I did not like the position as receptionist as it ws not flexible I had to stay ont he desk most of the time, coul nto leave my desk unattended otherwise I be scolded by the General Manager or the Operations Manager. The job position was a bit of slavery. Not been able to go to the restroom without calling someone to cover my desk for like 4 minutes onlyl. Not been able to attend social events during office hours like birthdays because the General Manager did not want me to leave my desk just in case a phone call or some visitors stop by the office, so the GM never took me into account to join the rest of the staff for that, I had to be stucked at my desk for this things and many others.

I was fired then and now I have to look for a job. For my age it can be a little more difficult but I wish I would find a job not int he front desk or reception of a company anymore it is too slavery and inflexible, I wish to find a job like other employees where you can go freely to the bathroom withoutt being scolded if you leave your desk empty and not call someone to cover you while you are in the john and nothing happens or is not the end of the world,
So the thing is for my age it can be more difficult especially as I was in the last job for 13 years so I gained 13 of experience, My sister tells me that if I find ajob it could be a job a bit lower of
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my former job and even with a low pay and I have to settle for that.

Should I really have to settle to find ajob positon that is not worth of what I do? Like maybe for my experience I may find a job only as s a receptionist which is a easier job position I can look for and being hired? I dont want a receptionist job anymore I had it with the one I have for 13 years. I graduated as a bilingual secretary not as a receptionist but 13 years ago when I was unemployed back then I had to take the job.
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why should I take it again? Am I worth more? I mean for my age it can be difficult to find a job that easier cause maybe soem employers they rather hire young fresh blood so they can settle for less and dont have the experience. As the experience pays
If you were fired Will you accept a job position lower than your work experience as it better not to have a job at all?
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