No job suits me, what can I do?

I've never had a real job. These days I work hours, as one of many cleaners, on a lumber mill, but it's only a few days per week.
I'm very shy so that makes it difficult to have a job that includes customer treatment. That shortens the list quite a bit. I've no talents and I need at least a week to get into routine, sometimes more time. That's very stressful. Speaking of stress, I stress A LOT when I start anything new. Why? Because as a child, I would get severly scolded if I did anything, at all, wrong. I couldn't even spill a plastic cup of milk without getting roared at by my dad. As a result, I'm terrified of making mistakes because that'll make people angry and I'll get yelled at. Also, I don't doubt that my past has made me a bit conflict afraid.
My situation feels hopeless. I feel like there's no job out there for me. Every night when I go to sleep, these negative thoughts catch up to me. I can't talk to anyone about this, they just say get a job. But it's not that easy, not for me.
I also have a half-sister, with a mild mental condition. She can live on her own and is very normal, and yet, she has dayly activity, which means she has a very simple job. I would of course not want to have a permanent mental condition, but I am jealous of her. She never had to worry about how her life would turn out. I almost wish I could be put in her category. And I used to be weird. I was never much into friends, I didn't swing my arms when I walked until a girl in my class pointed it out in seventh grade. She said I would look more "normal", so I started doing it. But I prefer keeping my hands in my pockets, or holding stuff like books or a bag when I walk. I also used to be pretty blunt about things. And I'm not very clever. It feels like I maybe have a condition, but it hasn't like been discovered...
But back to the topic, what should I do? Sometimes I've thought of dying because I believe in reincarnation, and maybe it'd be best for someone like me to just start over.
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I made a part two, uuat because it's so nice to talk it all out. Feel free to read it.
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No job suits me, what can I do?
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